Illini Pubcycle

Current Specials



Seasonally we offer 50% discounts on our 5pm Public Tour seats! Check for availability!

The Hub


We've partnered with "The Hub" a new sports bar on 1st street near Green St! If you're looking for a place to pregame and meet before your ride, they have an amazing food menu and drink selection!

Piccadilly Liqours


Currently Piccadilly Liquors on 1st street is offering our riders 10% OFF on all alcohol sales before a ride! Save yourself the hassle of packing a cooler and save some money by buying it right where we meet!

2 Ride Bonus


If you book 2 rides simultaneously, we will throw in an extra 30 minutes!



Follow Us on Instagram and Like us on Facebook for last minute daily sales! Occasionally when we have a slot to fill in between other rides we may discount it to fill the time!

$50 Coupons


Every year we offer a limited amount of 50 - $100 Coupons at half price for $50! These become available on The Got Spot in early spring time! They sell out quick so be ready!